Laptop Battery Life

How Long Does Laptop Battery Life

As we know that laptop, notebook, and netbook has installed a battery as a DC voltage source in order to operate without main source voltage. That is why in these devices do not require an additional UPS. Battery which has been installed on a laptop generally in accordance with laptop brands such ASUS, HP, Toshiba and Compaq. Laptop battery life can be different for each brand because they have advantages and disadvantages.

There are several brands of laptops that has a battery that can work within 5 to 8 hours some others can last 3-5 hours, even some that only lasted less than one hour even though the laptop specs (processor, ram, vga) equal and software which has been installed as well. It can be an indicator of the quality of laptop battery.

Although the same brand of laptop and battery, but the laptop battery life can be different.  They could be quickly depleted and may take longer. It is certainly influenced by the use of laptop users such as length of use of laptop without connecting the main power source, or use heavy programs (software) such as games and videos. Human error can also affect the age of the battery for example the users use a laptop until the battery runs out or forget to recharge.

How to Extend The Laptop Battery Life

Below are some tips that you can do to extend laptop battery life:

  1. Do not do recharge if the battery voltage is still enough (still enough to be used). Too often recharge the battery may reduce battery life
  2. Unplug adaptor (DC Power Supply) when not being used to recharge or recharge process interrupted because the main power off
  3. If the laptop is not being used for a long time, preferably off the battery and store it in a safe place at a suitable temperature. Make sure the battery is charged at least 40%
  4. If the temperature of laptop is getting hot, you should use a laptop cooling fan
  5. We recommend that you turn off the laptop while recharging process
  6. Close programs that are not used should not be left idle
  7. Reduce the brightness of the laptop monitor to save battery

The above tips are not absolute, and only a few opinions as most are disagreements. We advise you to seek information from other places as a reference.

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